Environmental Commitment Certification Scheme (ECCS)

Certifying your organisation’s commitment to the environment

Demonstrate to your clients and stakeholders that your organisation is committed to reducing its impact on the environment via the Environmental Commitment Certification Scheme (ECCS). 

It isn’t necessary to show complex environmental improvement projects, although that’s great if you can, we’re interested in the smaller initiatives such as:

  • waste recycling
  • reducing energy (turning off lights when not needed or turning down the heating a notch)
  • reducing emissions (focus on driving skills, route management, vehicle sharing, etc.)
  • reducing printing and/or setting printers to toner save and non-colour mode
  • Choosing suppliers with the environment in mind

When we prevent physical waste, increase energy efficiency or improve resource productivity, we save money, improve profitability and enhance competitiveness.  In fact, there are often huge “quick win” opportunities, thanks to years of neglect.

Imagine the world-wide environmental effects if every organisation took these small steps which probably have little or no effect on your organisation’s performance.  And as well as your organisation doing its bit, it’s clear that these are money saving initiatives. 

Once certified, you can proudly display the ECCS badge and certificate on your website and other media to show that your organisation is taking its environmental commitments seriously.

Simple, straightforward, effective

We’re not looking for overblown document management systems containing complex monitoring and analysis, audit programmes, meeting structures, etc. we want to see that your organisation has set some achievable environmental improvement initiatives and that you have measures to maintain them.

We’ll provide you with access to our online environmental commitment tool which allows you to submit all of the information needed online.  Once we have conducted our independent review and approval is granted, your organisation will be granted ECCS certification for one year.

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