Recognising your organisation’s environmental commitments

Independent recognition through performance assessment and certification

All companies will need to embark on the journey to Net Zero. We believe the sooner you do this, the better. During your journey, the biggest contributor to your overall carbon footprint is likely to be your supply chain.

As a supplier, you have a direct impact on the carbon footprint of your customers as your suppliers have a direct impact on your carbon footprint.

Companies are already asking suppliers to provide a Net Zero Reduction Plan.  Also, government NOW require a Net Zero Reduction Plan to tender for medium to large contracts. This is just the start and ALL companies will need a Net Zero Reduction Plan as standard business practice.

What does the certification do?

Your certificate does 3 things:

  • Confirms your actual current carbon footprint
  • Confirms you have a Net Zero Reduction Plan
  • Enables you to show your commitment to achieve Net Zero to your customers and any other stakeholders

What effort is needed?

It isn’t necessary to show complex environmental improvement projects, although that’s great if you can, we’re interested in the smaller initiatives such as:

  • waste recycling
  • reducing energy
  • reducing emissions (focus on driving skills, route management, vehicle sharing, etc.)
  • reducing printing and/or setting printers to toner save and non-colour mode
  • Choosing suppliers with the environment in mind

Companies and organisations urgently need to reduce their environmental impact. The ECCS (Environmental Commitment Certification Scheme) helps them rise to the challenge and maintain competitiveness.

Action on climate change is required from all of us. However, businesses and organisations of all sizes carry a special responsibility as a significant contributor to carbon emissions. By changing their actions and those of their suppliers, companies can have a direct impact on the environment, make an immediate and valuable contribution to sustainability and promote the development of a circular economy.

Certification benefits

Recognition as a sustainable business can have transformative benefits including:

  • Enhance profits
  • Attract customers
  • Acquire talent
  • Elevate your brand

Simple, straightforward, effective

We’re not looking for overblown document management systems containing complex monitoring and analysis, audit programmes, meeting structures, etc. we want to see that your organisation has set some achievable environmental improvement initiatives and that you have measures to maintain them.

We’ll provide you with access to our online environmental commitment tool which allows you to submit all of the information needed online.  Once we have conducted our independent review and approval is granted, your organisation will be granted ECCS certification for one year.

10 trees planted for every ECCS certification

In celebration of your ECCS certification, we will arrange for 10 trees to be planted in the United Kingdom via our corporate partnership scheme.

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