About Us

We are a UK based certification body offering training and accredited certification against a range of internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 45001. What makes us different is that we offer a straight-forward service, no hidden extras or long-term binding contracts, delivered by people who have worked in industry and held the certifications you are seeking.

Integrity is what we do

Being audited or tested is a stressful thing, we know we’ve been there and we’re still there as we’re audited too by the accreditation bodies we work with. Mindful of this, we’ve tried to make our services straight forward to access and straight forward to understand.

In the past, our clients have described us as firm but fair and good to work with, which is why I guess we’ve had many of them for a long time.

5 steps to management system certification

We have designed a straight forward approach to achieving management system certification. Please refer to our 5 steps to management system certification:

5 steps to management system certification

Why choose us?

We work with a wide range of UK businesses, from car manufacturers, precision engineers, public bodies, international wholesalers, IT developers and service providers. All benefit from the assurity that our certifications can provide their customers.

We are also proud to be a UKAS accredited certification body.

Our people

Our people are experts in their own fields.  Many have held senior management positions in the past like to share their experience and knowledge in a different way.

Our service

We’ve worked hard to make our services easy to access and to understand.  You’ll deal with a person who’ll be able to help you straight away, not a call centre. 

Flexibility – things change in life and more so in business. We can be flexible in our approach to postponing dates of visits because something has happened, and we won’t charge you earth when you need to make a change. Odds on there will be a time when we need to make a change so it cuts both ways.

Current and up to date – we put a lot of effort into our own development, often exceeding our own professional development hours each year.  That reflects in our service and the knowledge that we share with you.  Our team participate in national committees and groups to develop new services, new standards or transition plans to new versions.  This all helps to make what we do more relevant to you.

Our certification services are delivered by lead auditors who have worked in industry and have relevant experience of your business. All have been managers and will have held some of the certifications you are seeking so know what it’s like to be audited. 

Training Courses

If it’s our training courses you’re interested in, they are all delivered by individuals who have worked with the standards themselves in real-life and gained certification in previous roles.  They will also be active lead auditors working with clients on a regular basis. Their experiences, past and present, bring a different dimension to our training which our clients enjoyed and it has been one of the highest rated areas in past satisfaction surveys.  They will bring the standards to life by sharing with you real life examples of how different organisations tackle issues.

More Information

You may be reading this page to find out more about us or our services or you may be interested in working with us. So if you like what you’ve read so far and are interested to work with us, have a look at the following pages:

Let’s have a chat

If you’re interested in our services and fancy a chat to find out more then please request a call back.  You’ll be under no obligation to buy anything from us.  The world of certification is complicated so we’d be happy to help you navigate your way through it.