We’ve developed some FAQ’s below to give you further details on the Environmental Commitment Certification Scheme. If you have a question which is not covered below please contact us.

Is the ECCS Mandatory?

The scheme itself is voluntary.

What is the ECCS Scheme?

The Environmental Commitment Certification Scheme (ECCS) is established to promote certified organisation’s commitment to the environment and specifically their commitment to achieving net zero by at least 2050.

Through a guided assessment programme based on the ECCS Requirements, your organisation can be proud to display the ECCS certificate and logo on its media to inform its supply chain about its commitment to the environment.

The Requirements have been developed by a multi-stakeholder group including: retailers, transport companies, industry trade associations, independent experts and certification bodies.

The ECCS Requirements document is designed to reflect best practice and facilitate a process of continuous improvement through well-designed risk-based approach and environmental systems.  The objective is to ensure that environmental performance and compliance are maintained, and that customer confidence is upheld through audit and certification.

Are certifications available to organisations internationally?

Yes, ECCS certification is available worldwide.

Do I need to develop an environmental management system in order to become certified?

No. All that is needed is a commitment to environmental targets and applicable environmental legislation. Refer to the ECCS Requirements Document which sets out was is needed for certification.

How can I promote that my organisation is certified?

Once we have successfully completed an assessment based on the ECCS Requirements, you will be eligible to display the ECCS Certified logo on your website, stationary, company vehicles, etc.

Do ECCS come to my office or site to conduct the audit?

No. We will send you a predefined information pack which is designed around the ECCS requirements. We ask you to complete the information pack and submit it back to us. We will then assess the information, perhaps ask for further information, then decide about certification.

What if I don’t pass the assessment?

Any organisation can do their bit to benefit the environment and if every organisation makes even small steps then the worldwide impact would be huge, right? We need to identify these steps and see that you are committed to them in order to award ECCS certification.

What does it cost to achieve ECCS certification?

We operate and publish transparent certification fees and these are payable annually for each office or site that you operate from. Refer to our certification fees page.

Any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! Our mission is to encourage all businesses to make realistic commitments to improving their impacts on our environment. Refer to our certification fees page.

Am I tied into a contract for ECCS certification?

We charge a certification fee each year (refer to our certification fees). It’s your call if you want to renew your certification after each year.