Register as a Consultant

Complete our online application form to apply to be listed on our consultant register.

Benefits of being a consultant on our register

Referrals. We as an impartial certification body are often approached by clients asking if we know of qualified consultants to help them develop their management systems. Depending on the standard, business sector and geographical region, we will refer those consultants on our register to those clients.

Working together. During the year we run a range of networking and auditing events and as a registered consultant we will invite you to attend. These events are useful to us to gain a consultants point of view and also you will get valuable feedback from our auditors.

Supporting you. We can support our registered consultants in a range of ways from technical communication, sales and training.

Registered. As a registered consultant with Atlas Certification means that you can display our Registered Consultant logo on your sales and marketing material.

Promoting the benefits of Atlas Certification

  • We offer all-inclusive fees (we won’t charge additional fees for travel and expenses)
  • No surprise fees such as administration and certification fees
  • We offer competitive rates
  • We provide a dedicated account manager which means our certified clients have a direct point of contact – for all clients irrespective of size!
  • Existing clients are invited to attend our public training courses at a reduced rate or free of charge
  • Consultants are invited to attend our webinars and technical communications forum