Safely maintaining your certification throughout the Covid-19 outbreak

First and foremost ACL’s priority is to protect the health and well-being of our people and our customers during this time of the Covid-19 outbreak and associated restrictions. We are mindful of organizations’ needs to have business continuity in their operations, including maintaining required certification(s), and we are working hard to balance our clients’ needs and concerns.

Our Management of Extraordinary Events and Circumstances team are meeting regularly both internally and with external interested parties to ensure that appropriate strategies are in place to deal with any and all issues that may arise relating to the impact of the coronavirus on organizations. We are continuously monitoring external agencies including local governments and the World Health Organization to assess risks and guide ACL response policies.

To support and protect the safety of all those involved, and in accordance with accreditation guidance, we have initiated our Management of Extraordinary Events and Circumstances procedure and in doing so means that we will be conducting audits on a remote basis until at least 31st May 2020.

What is a remote audit?

A remote audit is one that is conducted partially or completely off site. The audit will cover everything that is usually covered on site but uses technology to support the Assessor when a site visit is not possible / appropriate.

How is a remote audit conducted?

The remote audit will typically be the same duration as your onsite audit. You will need to be available at all times and will be dialled into a conference call for most of the audit duration.

Remote audits are also best delivered using screen share. This reduces the amount of data and information transferred between your organisation and ACL. You may be asked to email documents to the Assessor for review. Any information you send us will be managed in accordance to our confidentiality and data privacy policies, which are available on our website and within the ACL Rules Related to Registration.

More information about your remote audit

For more information about remote audits, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.