Route to ECCS certification

ECCS have designed a simplistic yet stringent route to certification, this involves:

  • demonstrating management commitment to improving the organisation’s effects on the environment; and
  • demonstrating environmental legal compliance.

Click here to download the ECCS Requirements document.

There are three simple steps to achieve ECCS certification:

Step 1: Application

Organisations considering assessment and certification to the ECCS Requirements should complete the ECCS application form, which is reviewed by us.  Based on the information supplied by the organisation seeking certification, ECCS provide an operational proposal and fee structure.  If the organisation wishes to proceed with the operational proposal and fee structure, the authorised person should complete the ‘authorisation’ pages and return the whole document to ECCS.

Step 2: Assessment

ECCS assign an Assessor to verify that the organisation can demonstrate effective implementation of the ECCS Requirements document.  The ECCS Assessor produces a report and submits this to the ECCS Review Team for review and decision making.  Any actions arising must be resolved by the organisation prior to a positive decision being reached by the ECCS Review Team.

Step 3: Registration and Certification

When the outcome of the ECCS Review Team is positive, the organisation is granted ECCS Certification.  A one-year certificate is issued and the organisation is registered on the ECCS Register of Certified Organisations.

Certification renewal

Prior to the expiry of the certificate, a renewal assessment is required to maintain the continued ECCS certification for a further year.  This renewal assessment is the same as Steps 2 and 3.