Transferring certification

For one reason or another you have decided to transfer your current ISO certification to another certification body. Atlas Certification will be happy to assist you in this process and therefore we have set out the following stages and things to consider along the way.

Step 1. About your existing certification

We’ll need some details about your existing management system certification(s) for example:

  • Current certification details, for example: certification body, standard(s), certification number(s), expiry date(s)
  • Accreditation status of your current certification body
  • Copies of certification reports and certificates
  • Details about any complaints and outstanding nonconformities

We’ll need some information about your organisation in order to provide details of the certification process and associated fees. Click here to provide the initial basic information. You will receive a quotation and a copy of our Service Agreement for signing.

Step 2. Meet your account manager

We’ll assign you an Atlas Certification account manager who will support and guide you through the whole process. Your account manager will be your main point of contact during your certification with us.

Step 3. Transferring to us

Once we have all of the certification information a transfer review will be completed by us which will normally be done behind the scenes without any need for an on-site audit. This process is normally non-chargeable.

If your existing certification is recognised by a recognised accreditation body, then the transfer should be simple and quick. If not then the process may need to be discussed in more detail and may require some formal audits.

If there are any outstanding complaints or nonconformities a site visit may be necessary and chargeable.

Step 4. Certification

Once the transfer review is completed, it will be submitted for an independent review and certification decision. If approved then your certification will be transferred to Atlas Certification.

Ongoing surveillance and recertification

Once certification is granted, you may promote this by displaying our logos on publications and marketing literature.  Certification is maintained based on the ongoing completion of surveillance audits and a recertification audit prior to the expiry of your certificate (refer to our Certification Rules).