ISO 50001 Energy Management

What is ISO 50001?

As energy costs continue to rise, it’s vital that your business has adequate controls in place to not only manage your energy usage, but also make sure you’re complying with legal obligations relating to government energy reduction targets.

The ISO 50001 standard is a really easy way to get an understanding of your current energy profile, and take steps towards becoming more efficient and more environmentally-friendly – so everyone benefits.

ISO 50001 benefits for your business

Any business will be able to reap the rewards with these energy management standards, but it’s particularly beneficial for organisations with significant energy expenditure.

Reduce your carbon footprint – By lowering the amount of energy you use, you’ll be contributing towards a more sustainable operation, and positively impacting on the environment.

Be more efficient – Clear management frameworks help you to streamline processes and boost productivity.

Significant cost savings – A reduction in waste and an increase in efficiencies will naturally lead to lower costs across the business.

That’s not all. There are many more benefits that come with this ISO 50001 standard.

  • Lead as an example in your industry, respected by your peers and customers
  • Win new business proposals
  • Identify and manage risks surrounding your future energy supply
  • Be compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with ESOS
  • Easy integrate with other management systems


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