Certification audits and Covid-19, are we returning to normal?

So Britain’s PM has indicated that from the 19th July 2021 the majority of Covid-19 restrictions as we know it are to be lifted. But what does that mean for management system certification audits, especially those that until now have been completed remotely during the pandemic?

Atlas Certification’s approach:

Without exception we must continue to consider the safety of our workforce and that of our client’s workforce when deciding that an audit is to be carried out on-site. Equally, when a remote or blended audit is the only option, we must ensure that a full and complete audit is achievable in order to maintain confidence in the certification process.

On this basis and for the foreseeable future we will continue to carry out a risk-based approach when deciding between on-site, remote and/or blended audits with our certified clients. Where an on-site audit is being considered we may ask for a copy of your organisation’s Covid-19 risk assessment so that our auditors can be briefed in advance and to allow us to make an informed decision in terms of the safety of our team.

As always we will continue to follow local Government guidelines (for audits conducted outside of the UK) for each respective country as these may differ from those currently in force in the UK. Although each audit is being considered on a case-by-case basis, overseas audits will generally be conducted using remote techniques for the remainder of 2021. This approach will be reviewed depending on the changing circumstances throughout the remainder of this year.

Integrity and excellence in assessment and certification are our core values and on this basis we will continue to provide and maintain an honest, stringent and great customer support across our client base.

If you are an existing customer with Atlas Certification and have any questions, please contact your dedicated account manager who will always be happy to support you.

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