Boost for local business – Economic Recovery Grant to obtain ISO certifications

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant economic disruption has placed significant pressure on local business and this fund will allow the Council to provide support and assist Doncaster business to recover. Although the details covered in this post are specifically for Doncaster businesses, please check with your local council for similar packages that may exist.

This grant specifically seeks to encourage business survival, re-start and job creation and safeguarding through a package of incentives.

Principles of the scheme are:

  • To encourage and support the re-start of businesses
  • To seek the protection and safeguarding of jobs for local residents
  • To help the support and promotion of new and existing start-up businesses

Grants to access accreditation/certification for those businesses who have or need to diversify because of COVID 19. Examples could include ISO standards which typically cost in the region of £3,000.

Not only would this support the diversification of the business, but it would offer upskilling of Directors and staff and the assurance of quality standards within the business. This grant would run in parallel with the Sheffield City Region Supply Chain Programme, which looks at finding new contract opportunities and new markets for local businesses.

Click here to obtain a quotation for ISO 9001 certification.

Read more about the eligibility and application process here