Getting the most out of internal audits


Internal audits are often seen as a box-ticking exercise by organisations in order to conform to the requirements of international standards for example: ISO 9001 and therefore maintain the associated certification. Other organisations may adopt a more structured approach based on traditional methods, i.e. an internal auditor conducts audits at a point in time following a pre-defined checklist.

Regardless of the approach, the planning and completion of internal audits takes time, effort and use of the organisation’s resources which of course is a cost to the business. A key question for business owners to ask themselves is: is the internal audit process actually adding value to my organisation?

The Atlas team has taken this question and has developed some innovative and thought provoking methods of carrying out internal audits so as to:

  • Improve process performance
  • Integrate teams through a collaborative approach
  • Reduce cost and waste
  • Achieve buy-in from people within the organisation

We’ll share with you our innovative way of conducting internal audits in order to achieve the above aspects.

This course is for

  • Organisations needing to get more out of their internal audits
  • Quality Managers (and alike) and internal auditors wanting buy-in from colleagues during internal audits

Course type

This is a live tutor-led online training course which includes delegate interaction with the tutor and delegates. Plenty of time for open discussions and questions about integrating management systems.

Course length

0.5 day

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