Cause, effect and corrective action

Course overview

Learn how to identify the source of faults, failures and undesired outcomes in processes and design, and how to solve these problems, on our Cause and Effect Analysis for all Industry Sectors training course.

This 1-day course introduces delegates to different problem-solving tools and techniques. Delegates can then turn theories into practice through a series of highly interactive and practical exercises and workshops. Collaborating in teams, delegates will use techniques such as 8D, 5 Whys, and localisation to solve a range of product and process problems.

The course will prepare delegates for typical workplace RCA practices, including problem identification, RCA tool selection and report writing.

This course is for

This course is suitable for those interested in identifying and solving problems in any industry sector, including:

  • managers responsible for process and quality improvements
  • quality managers
  • internal and external auditors
  • line managers and supervisors involved in managing customer and/or supplier relationships
  • problem-solving team members and leaders
  • product or process designers
  • industrial, production and process engineers

This course covers

  • Identifying nonconformities and responding to incidents and complaints
  • The role and principles of cause and effect
  • Expertise and involvement
  • Statistical techniques in problem solving
  • Correction
  • 5 Whys
  • Evidence and fact-based decision make
  • Process mapping and contrasting symptom routes
  • Using RCA to be proactive rather reactive
  • Prevention and solution analysis
  • Corrective action

Course type

This is an on-site and on-line interactive training course which is to be held at several sites across the United Kingdom.

Course length

1 day

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