ECCS Terms of Business

Assessment and Registration

In accepting this quotation, the Company confirms that the information contained above is correct and agree to comply with the Environmental Commitment Certification Scheme (ECCS) Scheme Rules and agree to pay all fees relating to the provision of certification services.  All figures are inclusive of all expenses.

Limitation of Liability

ECCS undertakes to provide certification services relating to the ECCS Requirements document.  Such certification is applied for by the Company against the ECCS Requirements document.  Compliance to such Standards is evaluated on the basis of a sample assessment, to guidelines published in the ECCS Requirements document.  When non-compliance (Issue) against a Standard is reported as found by an ECCS authorised assessor it is up to the Company to suggest corrective action suitable to address the non-compliance.  ECCS shall not be involved in providing advice relating to the remedy of a non-compliance (Issue) and the Company undertakes not to seek such advice of an ECCS assessor.  The holding of an ECCS certificate does not relieve the Company of its legal liabilities in the provision of its own products and services.  Should ECCS be deemed not to have interpreted the ENVOBS Requirements document or assessment results correctly, then the liability of ECCS or their agents in the event of any claim arising from a Company or third party, will be limited to the amount of the Certification Fees charged to the customer.

Payment Terms

Atlas Certification Limited is an approved Partner of ECCS .  All payments shall be made direct to Atlas Certification Limited by referring to the payment methods displayed on the Atlas Certification Limited invoice.  All invoices shall be paid in advance of audit dates.  Fees are non-refundable once the assessment and registration and process has commenced.

Fees quoted in this publication exclude VAT which would be added to the total amount based on the Standard Rate at the time of invoicing.

Terms of Business updated: 1st February 2019