Technical area tests

Based on your recent technical area application please take the appropriate technical area test:

StandardEA CodeTA GroupAccess CodeTake the Test
EMS16 – Concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc.Chemicals-7aEJ7MTake the Test
EMS17 – Basic metals and fabricated metal productsMechanical 1,2,8LEWBN98Take the Test
EMS18 – Machinery and equipmentMechanical 4,5MHAYYTake the Test
EMS19 – Electrical and optical equipmentMechanical 3M3LXWYTake the Test
EMS28 – ConstructionConstruction 1,2LKJTTake the Test
EMS29 – Wholesale retail trade and sale of motor vehiclesServices-1NPEMNBGTake the Test
EMS29 – Repair and maintenance of motor vehiclesServices-2P4PHTake the Test
EMS34 – EngineeringConstruction 3,47WP6J4Take the Test
EMS35 – Other services (professional services)Services-57Y53Take the Test
EMS35 – Other services (operational services)Services-6SCK28TTake the Test
EMS37 – EducationServices-7XE86S8Take the Test
HSMS16 – Concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc.Chemicals-7aYJYX9Take the Test
HSMS17 – Basic metals and fabricated metal productsChemicals-882JXFCATake the Test
HSMS17 – Basic metals and fabricated metal productsMechanical-10,124JG26Take the Test
HSMS18 – Machinery and equipmentMechanical-11,124JG26Take the Test
HSMS19 – Electrical and optical equipmentMechanical-10,124JG26Take the Test
HSMS28 – ConstructionConstruction 1,2,3C24TTake the Test
HSMS29 – Sale, repair and maintenance of motor vehiclesServices-177HC9YTake the Test
HSMS29 – Repair of household appliances and personal goodsServices-18S4KHTake the Test
HSMS29 – Wholesale and retailServices-19,20PSM2XA5Take the Test
HSMS34 – EngineeringConstruction 4,5344BM97Take the Test
HSMS35 – Other servicesServices 1,2,3AH39L7NTake the Test
QMS16 – Concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc.Minerals 3aAWNBGBTake the Test
QMS17 – Basic metals and fabricated metal productsMechanical 1,2G2CMYTake the Test
QMS18 – Machinery and equipmentMechanical 1,2G2CMYTake the Test
QMS18 – Manufacture of weapons and ammunitionMechanical 5
QMS28 – ConstructionConstruction 1,2,3N75BNJLTake the Test
QMS29 – Wholesale retail trade, sale/repair of motor vehiclesServices 1,25GHKTake the Test
QMS32 – Financial, intermediation, real estate & rentingServices 4,8HFDJ25TTake the Test
QMS33 – Information securityServices 978BK2Take the Test
QMS34 – EngineeringConstruction 4,5S5SWTake the Test
QMS35 – Other servicesServices 10,11,12W4DWTake the Test
QMS37 – EducationServices 16T55N4Take the Test